A team of scientists during the study collected twelve different varieties of hookah tobacco which was originally made within the U.S. and also the Middle East before breaking them down to liquidized form. The test results concluded that hookah tobacco contains far fewer toxic metals, such as chromium, cadmium, lead and and arsenic than those found in typical cigarette tobacco.

While some individuals choose to believe the difference lies entirely in filtering smoke through the hookah’s water, the team responsible for the study pointed out the composition of the hookah itself. It seemed that the specially prepared tobacco for water hookah pipes contained molasses, honey and other additional flavouring agents and also the lower levels of toxic metals. The team didn’t detect any signs of excess amounts of the toxic metals at all.


How Police are Finding Marijuana Grows

The authorities use a vast range of different methods to identify grow houses, particularly in states where marijuana cultivation remains illegal.

As we explored in a recent article, police can spot grow houses in the cold, snowy winter months with relative ease. The key is to look at the roof, which will maintain a significantly warmer temperature, causing the snow to melt. This is more obvious on multi-unit structures, like town homes and condominium complexes.

But this isn’t the only method that the police use to identify medium-scale and large-scale growing operations.

Another high tech method entails using thermal imaging technology, which displays a digital image depicting the variations in temperature. A house that uses lots of artificial lighting will generate a lot of heat, which can be evident on a thermal imaging camera. These cameras can be mounted in vehicles, held in-hand or mounted on helicopters or even remotely-controlled aerial vehicles.


When they break

When online shopping for cannabis supplies, one question that arises is whether to buy glass bongs or plastic bongs. While both types essentially work the same way, they each have their pros and cons. Glass looks more artistic and you can display your bong collection on a shelf, but plastic bongs are durable, and come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. I’ve had my own personal experiences with glass bongs, and while I prefer plastic now, glass still does have its purpose.

Have you ever had a glass bong break on you? No doubt it was broken by a well-meaning friend too. When I was just starting out in the hobby, I’d bought a beautiful cobalt blue glass bong for a good chunk of my paycheck. Friends from college were coming over so I spent a lot of time cleaning my place, and fixing up some snacks and drinks. I put a big effort into our evening plans. Well, my friends were barely through the door when they immediately noticed my bong. They were already having a great time and I hadn’t even brought out the beer yet. Then the unthinkable happened. As they were passing the bong around, one of them dropped it. This normally wouldn’t have been a problem with plush carpet, except that it bounced off the coffee table, and broke into two pieces. The coffee table was fine though.

Cheapest High Quality Glass Bongs Available Online Today

One day, I was overwhelmed by temptation.  I went in and asked how I could buy bongs today. I also asked how to tell if they were high quality or not. I wondered if I had to smoke alone, or if I needed a group of friends to reserve a pipe and a table, or what?  I felt like someone at a bowling alley for the first time trying to negotiate for shoes and a lane, all while figuring out how to work the tricky scoreboard.  I was lost. Suddenly, I saw someone I knew at a table.  They beckoned me over. Normally, I couldn’t stand this person. He was always so overbearing and obnoxious whenever I saw him out for lunch at work.


Now, this dude seemed all right. The ladies with him barely noticed as I slid up a chair and squeezed in among them.  They were all too busy laughing and chatting to pay attention.  Those days, I was too poor to pay attention.  But I was able to pay for a package of weed for my bong, so I had something to add to the party.  It was natural just to start sucking on the clean new glass top. Some people even went so far as to pick up their own chrome or fancy wood carved tip from the head shop.  That’s when you know that you are a bong huffing pro, when you buy a custom tip.

For the time being, I was happy with my cheap plastic bong. The goal was not to get too distracted by the tobacco buzz, or talking, to let the smoldering bowl go out. It was talk and drag, chat and puff, laugh and lung it; all night long. The hours slipped away, and before I knew it, eleven o’clock had rolled around. Holy shisha, I thought.  My girlfriend is going to be pissed! Sheesh, let her wait.

Surprisingly, my performance in a certain department got a little boost!

Some general info on my experience

The number one reason why some smokers prefer plastic bongs over glass ones is that they’re more affordable. The majority of glass bongs are fairly expensive because of the care that goes into creating each one, but plastic bongs can easily be made making them incredibly less expensive in order to fit any and every budget.

Another benefit provided by plastic bongs versus glass ones is a wide variety. Since plastic is cheap and pliable, there are many bongs made out of all kind of colors and in various shapes and designs to give you the widest range of options when choosing one to match your personality and smoking style. Cannabis is still illegal.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should add a plastic bong to your collection. Keep in mind that you don’t want to use rubbing alcohol to clean your plastic water pipe. It’s recommended you use a quality cleaning solution made specifically for cleaning these kinds of acrylic bongs.


Plastic Bongs: The Inexpensive Alternative to Glass

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Hanging Out

The other night I was hanging out with some good friends. I decided to bust out my new favorite plastic bong, named Sheila. She was a remarkable sight being bright hot pink with lime green spots. Not only is “Sheila” colorful but she is lots of fun. My friend Tony took one look at her and burst out laughing.

Insulted, I asked him what he was laughing at and he pointed at my bong. He exclaimed, “That is one cheap plastic bong!”

Now I was insulted. I insisted my bong was of top-notch quality and he scoffed, clearly an unbeliever. Well, the proof is in the pudding I always say and we decided to try it out. That smoke prompted an intense discussion about the values of using glass versus an acrylic water bong for smoking.

Plastic Bongs

Plastic bongs are nearly indestructible. You can toss a plastic bong around at a party and not worry about it shattering into pieces. Not to mention that plastic bongs are more affordable and are perfect for people who are new to water pipe smoking.

Glass Bongs

Glass bongs are more expensive but can come in stunning designs, which are perfect for collectors. They are also heat-resistant and are ideal for a solo smoke or a smoke with friends. Anywhere where you will not be afraid it will break.

The Result

After using the plastic bong, Tony quickly realized the error of his ways. My bong may be inexpensive, but it is made of only the best plastics and is finely constructed. Tony also realized that plastic bongs are just as great for smoking as the more expensive glass pieces he owns. It was a win-win situation for us both!

Do you prefer smoking out of glass or plastic bongs?