Cheapest High Quality Glass Bongs Available Online Today

One day, I was overwhelmed by temptation.  I went in and asked how I could buy bongs today. I also asked how to tell if they were high quality or not. I wondered if I had to smoke alone, or if I needed a group of friends to reserve a pipe and a table, or what?  I felt like someone at a bowling alley for the first time trying to negotiate for shoes and a lane, all while figuring out how to work the tricky scoreboard.  I was lost. Suddenly, I saw someone I knew at a table.  They beckoned me over. Normally, I couldn’t stand this person. He was always so overbearing and obnoxious whenever I saw him out for lunch at work.


Now, this dude seemed all right. The ladies with him barely noticed as I slid up a chair and squeezed in among them.  They were all too busy laughing and chatting to pay attention.  Those days, I was too poor to pay attention.  But I was able to pay for a package of weed for my bong, so I had something to add to the party.  It was natural just to start sucking on the clean new glass top. Some people even went so far as to pick up their own chrome or fancy wood carved tip from the head shop.  That’s when you know that you are a bong huffing pro, when you buy a custom tip.

For the time being, I was happy with my cheap plastic bong. The goal was not to get too distracted by the tobacco buzz, or talking, to let the smoldering bowl go out. It was talk and drag, chat and puff, laugh and lung it; all night long. The hours slipped away, and before I knew it, eleven o’clock had rolled around. Holy shisha, I thought.  My girlfriend is going to be pissed! Sheesh, let her wait.

Surprisingly, my performance in a certain department got a little boost!