When they break

When online shopping for cannabis supplies, one question that arises is whether to buy glass bongs or plastic bongs. While both types essentially work the same way, they each have their pros and cons. Glass looks more artistic and you can display your bong collection on a shelf, but plastic bongs are durable, and come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. I’ve had my own personal experiences with glass bongs, and while I prefer plastic now, glass still does have its purpose.

Have you ever had a glass bong break on you? No doubt it was broken by a well-meaning friend too. When I was just starting out in the hobby, I’d bought a beautiful cobalt blue glass bong for a good chunk of my paycheck. Friends from college were coming over so I spent a lot of time cleaning my place, and fixing up some snacks and drinks. I put a big effort into our evening plans. Well, my friends were barely through the door when they immediately noticed my bong. They were already having a great time and I hadn’t even brought out the beer yet. Then the unthinkable happened. As they were passing the bong around, one of them dropped it. This normally wouldn’t have been a problem with plush carpet, except that it bounced off the coffee table, and broke into two pieces. The coffee table was fine though.