How Police are Finding Marijuana Grows

The authorities use a vast range of different methods to identify grow houses, particularly in states where marijuana cultivation remains illegal.

As we explored in a recent article, police can spot grow houses in the cold, snowy winter months with relative ease. The key is to look at the roof, which will maintain a significantly warmer temperature, causing the snow to melt. This is more obvious on multi-unit structures, like town homes and condominium complexes.

But this isn’t the only method that the police use to identify medium-scale and large-scale growing operations.

Another high tech method entails using thermal imaging technology, which displays a digital image depicting the variations in temperature. A house that uses lots of artificial lighting will generate a lot of heat, which can be evident on a thermal imaging camera. These cameras can be mounted in vehicles, held in-hand or mounted on helicopters or even remotely-controlled aerial vehicles.