The different Types of Bong Precoolers

percolator precooler

Welcome to my mini tutorial that sheds light on the different types of bong precoolers that can be found for sale today. I will cover a few different points on bong precoolers to help clear up some of the misconceptions surrounding the popular bong precooler. From sizing, style and similar alternatives. Feel free to contact me for more advice on bong precoolers.


Now before you rush out and order a brand new bong precooler you will need to know what size you need, it will most likely that you require either a 14.5mm precooler or an 18.8mm precooler. Adapters and size converters can be found at any good smoke shop so if you are really unsure you could always grab some adapters at the same time to ensure your bong precooler fits correctly!

Percolator Precoolers for your Bong

Now if you want a cheap bong precooler then you will not be able to have one that includes any type of diffuser or percolator, but then again there are some great deals out there at certain online head shops, so if you can grab yourself a discount code then it you shouldn’t have to spend much to acquire a percolator precooler for your bong, some of the cheapest ones online are at


These are not the same as precoolers, they do not make use of water and they simply, as the name hints, collect ash. Without water the smoke will not really be cooled much, so for that reason I suggest sticking to the precoolers.