An Idiot’s Guide To Improve Bongs

percolator bongsThere are a lot of first-time percolator bong owners who have no clue on how to take care, use, and improve their water pipe experience. They haven’t really learned what it means to have one and to use one. So here are a couple of things that owners should learn about if they want to improve their percolator bongs, see herbtools to buy one.

Buying accessories
People who take their smoking seriously will eventually end up buying a percolator bong or two. Those who take their smoking seriously and want to bring it to a whole new level can do so by simply buying new accessories. Different accessories offer different benefits. Diffusers, for example, are better at taking out some of the tar and toxins present in the smoke.

Throwing ice into the neck
Ice is one of the best ways a person can make smoking from a bong a more pleasurable experience. This is possibly the cheapest trick a person can use in order to improve his experience in using a percolator bong. The ice really makes the smoke cooler and makes it a lot easier for a person to rip the water pipe when it’s iced.

Cleaning and proper maintenance
This is simple and is not something that should be ignored by people despite how lame it may sound. Proper water pipe maintenance has a huge impact on how well it delivers a good experience for its owner.

Cleaning and properly maintaining bongs is easy. There are plenty of instructional materials out there on the Internet that show what to use and how to do it.