How much do bongs cost?


You can expect to pay all sorts of prices when it comes to the world of bongs. There are probably more options for cheap bongs than expensive, but you can literally pay anywhere from £10 to thousands of pounds! So people may think, well sure glass bongs might be more expensive, but how can they cost so much? Well that is all dependant on where the bong was manufactured.

Was the bong blown in China or Locally?
Many water pipes are mass produced in third world countries and hundreds if not thousands of them are made every week. But just like art, if there is only one original made from a known artist then that can go for crazy prices. When working with glass there is no limits to shapes and colours. There could be multiple chambers that the smoke is passed through, there could be all sorts of glass droplets and patterns surrounded the bong.

How much time is put into the craftsmanship?
The mass produced pipes still have time invested and they are still very impressibe and attractive. But you will find that known artists can spend days, if not weeks creating just one special pipe.