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Walking into a bong shop and telling them you simply want to buy a bong will earn you a look of disgust. It is the best way to annoy somebody. You need to turn up at these stores with your research shining through so that you are more aware of what you are asking them for. As you are already reading this then you must be one of these people who actually does their research on weed smoking, so well done! Go brew yourself a good cup of tea and pull up a nice comfy chair because I am about to teach you everything you need and help prepare you for your trip! We will cover every water pipe style that you could possibly encounter.

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Give the following points a read and you can walk into the shop with your head held high! Later on your mindset will also be high if you have that dank! If you got ‘um then smoke ‘um, it will help you remember the following:
Only you know what product will suit you best, if you ask then you will look like an absolute noob. Your preference should be your main concern though, not what other people are thinking. So take a look around the entire shop before asking for help.
Think about what you actually want to achieve with these smoking pipes, how will you achieve your main points? If you want extra cold hits then you should aim for a large water chamber. If you want to just take small hits then you should obviously go for a nice miniature pipe. If you rely on others then you could easily not get the right thing, so ask yourself what are you truely looking for. Your inner conscious you must look! (Dude where’s my car reference)